B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering

The present civilization cannot be thought without the use of Information and Communication Technology. The use of ICT has deeply rooted itself into every sphere of modern life such as education, research, commerce, business, entertainment, communication, household affairs, and in many more areas, which indeed improved the quality of life. The ICT is mainly based on two technologies – (i) use of computers together with its associated technologies for solving problems and for processing as well as storing information, and (ii) communication of information over long distances using telecommunication backbones and the Internet. ICT is basically merging of many technologies, where Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) play the most vital role. Therefore, in the current scenario of higher education, CSE has become one of the most important areas of science and engineering education. The Department offers four year undergraduate courses in computer science and engineering. The courses cover subjects like computer programming, data structure, algorithms, compiler construction, computer network and architecture telecommunication engineering, analog and digital electronics, image processing, multimedia database management system etc. The courses have been designed so that students graduating from this department have a balance of theory and practical skills to prepare them for the highly competitive workplace.