B.Sc in Textile Engineering

It is a historical fact that textile industry led the industrialization of the economically strong and advanced countries of the world today, namely U.K., Germany, France, Japan and USA. As those countries have moved to more sophisticated and high-tech industrial activities, textile industry is finding its home in the industrially emerging countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Bangladesh has not lagged behind in the race to grab a share of the global textile and clothing industry during its migration from the developed countries. Today the textile and apparel industry is the most important industrial sector in Bangladesh. The Bachelor of Textile Engineering program is designed with most important courses which is highly demanded in professional career. The scope of Textile Engineering has become very diverse and expanding at an accelerating pace. Clothing, Dying, Knitting, Weaving, Spinning, Garments, offices, factories and homes need a wide variety of textiles. Aircraft and hospitals, the nation’s armed forces all need highly sophisticated and very specialized textiles.