Message from Principal

 Education is the spine of a state. So it is possible to achieve the success of the country and nation by properly utilizing the education system. Among them the role of B.Sc engineering education is unavoidable. A nation cannot be successful in the education system without engineering education. B.Sc engineering plays a vital role in this field. Many countries like Japan, China, Germany and Malaysia are economically successful because they have been advanced in engineering technology. In our country many students after completing their HSC (Science group)  exam want to complete their higher studies in public Engineering Universities. Because of constrained seats in engineering universities, they do not get a chance tp pursue higher degree from those universities. I that case, Chittagong Institute of Engineering & Technology which is affiliated by Chittagong University gives an opportunity to these students to receive a certificate in B.Sc Engineering from Chittagong University. Chittagong Institute of Engineering & Technology has already made its reputation as a fabulous Engineering institution in Chittagong. Those students who have completed HSC exam or four your diploma in-engineering course can apply for admission here. By taking an oath to implement our prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s Digital Bangladesh dream; we are offering B.Sc Engineering in Textile, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Electronics and Computer Science. I would like to inform you that with the passage of time Chittagong Institute of Engineering & Technology is ensuring upgraded engineering equipments.We are committed to make best engineers so that they can lead the nation in future and ensure a prestigious position of Bangladesh around the world. We can make our human resources sector more effective by preparing ourselves advance in the Engineering sector. By pursuing higher degree in these programs you will be able to play an essential role to lead you country and nation towards success.Finally, I am conveying my gratitude to Professor Dr. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury, the respectable Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University & the chairman of the management board of the institution.

Chittagong Institute of Engineering & Technology (CIET)